Festivals of Puerto Rico: Unique Celebrations Across the Island

Many tourists visit Puerto Rico for its beautiful beaches, wonderful waves, and warm, sunny weather. One of the most amazing aspects of Puerto Rico, however, is its fun, vibrant culture. Across the island, there are many unique festivals and holidays that are a delight for locals and visitors alike. Check out some of our favorite Puerto Rican festivals.

Dia de Reyes

Dia de Reyes (pexels.com)

Dia de Reyes, also known as Epiphany and Three Kings Day in English, celebrated on January 6, is an important holiday in Puerto Rico and throughout Latin America. Across Puerto Rico, different towns and cities hold celebrations, the most famous celebration being held in the town of Juana Diaz, according to Discover Puerto Rico. In the town of Juana Diaz, an annual parade and festival is held for Dia de Reyes with actors wearing colorful robes portraying the Magi and riding on horseback, handing out gifts and candy to the children. At the festival, you can find many local artisans, food stands and live music.

Carnaval de Ponce

Carnaval de Ponce (pexels.com)

Carnaval de Ponce, or the Carnival of Ponce, is a popular celebration of the festive season before Lent in Puerto Rico. While Carnaval de Ponce is based on European traditions, many Taino and African elements have been incorporated into the festival, according to Second Face. The centerpiece of Carnaval de Ponce is the vejigante, a brightly-colored, demonic-looking creature that was originally created to dissuade people from sin during the festivities. Many people who portray the vejigante put a lot of time, effort and money into their costumes, and the creation of vejigante masks is considered a form of art. In addition to the vejigante, the festival consists of modern parade floats, dancers and bands, concluding with the burial of the sardine.

Noche de San Juan

Noche de San Juan (pexels.com)

Noche de San Juan, San Juan’s Night in English, is a popular festival in Puerto Rico that is observed at midnight between June 23 and 24, according to Puerto Rican Day Trips. On Noche de San Juan, people visit the beaches and plunge backward into the ocean (either three, seven or twelve times) to bring good luck and get rid of negativity. Unlike some of the other festivals on this list, Noche de San Juan is observed throughout the island, and almost every beach is likely to have some sort of gathering for the holiday.

Festival de la Piña Paradisiaca

Festival de la Piña Paradisiaca (pexels.com)

Festival de la Piña Paradisiaca, or the Pineapple Paradise Festival, is a uniquely Puerto Rican festival held annually at the end of spring or beginning of summer in La Parguera, according to Rove.me. Festival de la Piña Paradisiaca is an event in which nearby farms sell their pineapples in La Parguera, as well as other food and souvenir vendors, and it is celebrated with a 5K race and a concert. Additionally, La Parguera is well-known for its bioluminescent bay, which you can visit before or after the festival.

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