Hidden Treasures of Rincón

Rincón is known for its beaches, surfing, snorkeling, and other water activities, but the Rincón area is dotted with hidden treasures. From independent shops to gorgeous waterfalls, Rincón has everything for a unique vacation experience, suitable for all the different weather conditions the island has to offer.

El Ultimo Brinco

Located just 10 minutes by car from downtown Rincón, El Ultimo Brinco is a must-see attraction for the curious traveler. Mango trees surround the falls as it pools into the river below. The waterfall is accessible by a brief trail located around the 17.9 km post off of PR-411. If you have extra time, a drive up into the mountains near El Ultimo Brinco offers an amazing view of Rincón. The falls can flood during rain showers and should be avoided after heavy rain, making them the perfect retreat during the drier days in Rincón. Just remember to carry out whatever you bring in to keep our island clean and safe for everybody!

El Faro de Rincón (Rincón Lighthouse)

El Faro de Rincón, or Faro de Punta Higuero, is a historic lighthouse located just down the road from Maria’s Beach and is a pretty popular destination itself. The lighthouse was constructed by the Spanish in 1892 to mark the westernmost point of the island, and has since undergone multiple restorations and is now the center of a beautiful park. The park surrounding El Faro de Rincón offers an underrated, beautiful experience with buildings decorated by local artists, multiple observations, and ample sitting and parking area. Occasionally, local artisans can be found at the park, selling all sorts of jewelry, souvenirs and other goods. El Faro de Rincón offers an amazing view of the sunset, Desecheo Island, the surrounding beaches and whale-watching during the winter season.

Rincón Beer Company

Rincón Beer Company (Cervecería de Puerto Rico) is the perfect lazy afternoon destination. Located downtown by the public square, Rincón Beer Company is a microbrewery, featuring housemade and local beers, as well as a full bar. Rincon Beer Company has several food options, from pub favorites to local cuisine with a fun twist, often infusing their in-house IPA. The bar has an eye-catching modern interior, outdoor seating and several craft brews on tap. We recommend the R.B.C. Bravata, a single malt, single hop IPA bursting with flavor!

El Coqui Bookstore

El Coqui Bookstore boasts a selection of books, both new and old, in Spanish, English, as well as some finds in other languages. El Coqui is the perfect stop for the avid reader, the collector of rare and vintage books, someone hoping to brush up on their Spanish or simply someone looking for a good read to bring to the beach. El Coqui Bookstore is located right in downtown Rincón, just a little ways down from the public square.

Café Puya

Located next to El Coqui Bookstore, Café Puya and El Coqui are almost a two-in-one hidden treasure. A spacious coffee shop with an extensive menu, Café Puya has everything you need for a quick breakfast or lunch to-go or a space to sit down and chat with friends during a rainy day. With several affordable options for breakfast and lunch, Café Puya is the perfect stop downtown during your trip to Rincón.

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