Street Art Thrives in Puerto Rico

No matter where you travel in Puerto Rico, it’s likely that you’ll see beautiful art that has taken to the streets. Colorful murals adorn walls, buildings, even stairways. Some of the art depicts Puerto Rico’s rich history, while other art is simply meant to beautify and revitalize areas. Still a third, and emerging, part of the Puerto Rican street art scene is political art.

Although political street art can be seen throughout Puerto Rico, San Juan is the epicenter of the scene. In the neighborhood of Santurce, street art has been brought to the forefront by both the art scene and the community alike. Festivals celebrating street art, such as the Santurce Es Ley and the Los Muros Hablan, are held, and have helped promote bringing art to the community.

Some of the more prolific Puerto Rican political muralists include Andrew Antoncaccio, Elizam Escobar, the female artist collective know as Moriviví, Alexis Diaz, Betsy Casañas, Celso Art, Don RimX, JUFE, and Adrián ‘Viajero’ Román. Most of these artists can be followed on Instagram, but seeing the actual art up close and personal is an incredible experience.

Of course, no matter where you travel in Puerto Rico, you’re sure to find some incredible art of all sorts gracing the streets. In Ponce, for instance, there are colorful lions that grace the sidewalks in and around the Plaza las Delicias. Fifteen local artists were given lion sculptures to turn into works of art, and their creations were first displayed in 2012.

In the El Cerro community in Yauco, there are steps that have been painted to echo the Yaucan flag. This was completed by Jonathan Hernández and a group of other young people. He also headed up the Urban Coffee project in the same neighborhood, where nearly 1000 residences in the area were painted different, striking colors in an effort to promote the visual arts and revitalize the community.

When you choose to visit us in Puerto Rico, we encourage you to enjoy the dynamic art scene right here in Rincón as well. You can participate in the Rincón Art Walk, which takes place every Thursday in the Plaza de Recreo. The area is packed with artists and crafters displaying and selling their works. There are food vendors and street musicians on hand as well. The Art Walk allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture – and have a great time doing so!

When you stay with us at Maria’s, the vibrant art scenes of Old San Juan, Ponce, Yauco and Rincón are all within driving distance. We hope you come stay with us and get a flavor of the talent our island holds! Our booking is done through Twin Palms, Maria’s rental and onsite management. Please visit our booking page on this website to view the availability of Maria’s and fill out our convenient contact form. If you have any additional questions regarding Maria’s, you may call Twin Palms at 787-685-6648 (español: 787-449-3673).

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