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Make Your Visit to Puerto Rico Richer Through Voluntourism

Service learning is the marriage of educational learning objectives with community service, the final outcome being one that assists in the meeting of societal needs. Progressive schools and communities have been collaborating on developing service learning opportunities for several years and have experienced great success with well designed and implemented programs. With an ever-growing emphasis…

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Puerto Rico Rises

At some point along life’s journey, each of us finds ourselves in a situation where we need the assistance of others. Whether it be mental, emotional, physical, financial or otherwise, the need for assistance, and our often reluctance to admit, seek or accept that help, is a common thread that we all share. In many…

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It’s the Beans! Give Puerto Rican Coffee a Try.

When you think of where your coffee comes from, you probably envision places like Mexico, Colombia or even maybe Hawaii. But did you know that Puerto Rico is also a large coffee-growing area? The National Coffee Association, or NCA, shares some interesting information on Puerto Rican bean, and how it’s making a comeback. According to…

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