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Celebrating Pride at Maria’s

June is Pride Month, a time that celebrates the impact that members of the LGBTQ+ community have had on their world. Rainbow flags fly, and people from all communities come together to appreciate the unique beauty in everyone. At Maria’s, we welcome all people – and we celebrate diversity in all its forms, all year…

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It’s the Beans! Give Puerto Rican Coffee a Try.

When you think of where your coffee comes from, you probably envision places like Mexico, Colombia or even maybe Hawaii. But did you know that Puerto Rico is also a large coffee-growing area? The National Coffee Association, or NCA, shares some interesting information on Puerto Rican bean, and how it’s making a comeback. According to…

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Five Benefits of Visiting Puerto Rico During the Off-Season

Have you been thinking about planning a vacation to Puerto Rico, but you don’t necessarily look forward to the throngs of tourists that visit the island each year? You should know that like most tourist attractions, Puerto Rico has an “off-season,” a time of the year when there are fewer outside visitors to the commonwealth.…

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