Two Sides to Every Story at Maria’s!

When you visit us at Maria’s, you may notice that there are two very distinctive sides to our luxury villa. One side is airy and feminine, with lighter furnishings and woodwork. The other side of the villa is markedly darker, with heavier, more masculine fixtures. Why the difference in décor, you may wonder. The answer is simple – our villa was designed to honor two very special people, Maria Garcia, for whom the villa, and Maria’s Beach, was named, and her son, Ramon Acevedo Garcia.

Maria Garcia once lived in a small, wooden house on stilts on the beach, where the villa is now situated. Livestock including goats roamed freely underneath the house. Dimension-wise, rooms were barely six feet in height, as Maria was a very small woman. She lived there quietly until 1968, when Rincon hosted the World Surfing Championship. The surfers that had come to town got to know and like Maria, who sold them sodas from the Coke machine she had at her house. More and more, they referred to the beach – then Rincon Point – as Maria’s Beach, and the name stuck.

Maria’s son Ramon moved from town back to Maria’s homestead after her passing. He was very well-liked by the visiting surfers and the townspeople alike, as well as the many stray dogs that passed through his doors over the years. He was happy to share some food, drinks and laughs with anyone who visited. So when his son, Russ Acevedo, built the villa, he wanted to honor both his father and grandmother by creating the home with elements that celebrated them both.

Both sides of the home are equipped to sleep eight guests each. There are two fully equipped kitchens and dining rooms in the home, as well as separate living rooms and master bedrooms for each side. The “Ramon” side boasts spacious rooms with bold, dark wood furnishings, as well as artwork and photography that reflect Ramon’s life and interests. On the “Maria” side, furnishings lighten up a bit, and the artwork and photography show brightness and joyfulness meant to exemplify Maria and her life.

Although Maria and Ramon have both passed on, their memory continues to live on at Maria’s. We encourage you to come visit us and experience the beautiful beachfront property that both Maria and Ramon loved so much. When you’re ready to book your vacation with us, we’re ready to help! Please visit our booking page on this website to view our availability and fill out our convenient contact form. If you have any additional questions, you may call Twin Palms at 787-685-6648 (español: 787-233-9815). Come celebrate Maria and Ramon with us!