Planning a Yoga Retreat in Puerto Rico

For you, yoga is a way of life. You’ve built your practice and your clients love working with you in your studio. Why not take your practice to the next level and offer your clients an exclusive opportunity to get away from it all – all while enjoying the restorative properties of yoga? Planning a yoga retreat in Puerto Rico may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be – not when you choose Maria’s to host your retreat.

What is Maria’s? It’s a new, luxury oceanfront villa located on Maria’s Beach in Rincón, Puerto Rico. The spacious villa is the perfect place to hold a yoga retreat for your clients. Because of our luxury accommodations, you can plan much more than a yoga retreat in Puerto Rico for your clients – you can plan a luxury spa getaway that will help them reconnect, relax and rediscover themselves.

No matter what type of yoga you practice, planning a yoga retreat in Puerto Rico is simple, with Maria’s.

When you choose our luxury villa as the site for your yoga retreat, you’ll have access to all the amenities we have to offer. Our large side lawn with beautiful, unobstructed views of the ocean is ideal for outdoor yoga. Maria’s also offers a full-size swimming pool, as well as hot tubs on each deck, so clients will be able to unwind and relax even more deeply. And, there is private beach access, allowing clients to enjoy the surf when they’re not practicing yoga with you. Your clients will enjoy:

  • Spacious bedrooms (we can accommodate up to 16 people)
  • Six full bathrooms
  • Two fully equipped kitchens
  • Ample dining area
  • Access to satellite television and Internet
  • Air conditioning and ceiling fans in every bedroom and living room
  • Washer/dryer

Additionally, we can help you connect with local chefs who can help prepare nutritious, local cuisine for your clients, massage therapists who can help them relax, and even surfing instructors who can give them lessons regardless of skill level – you can create any type of experience you’d like for your clients, whether more physically rigorous or more restorative. We’ll help you plan the yoga retreat that’s perfect for your needs.

When you’re ready to book a yoga retreat with Maria’s, we’re ready to help! Our booking is done through Twin Palms, Maria’s rental and onsite management. Please visit our booking page on this website to view the availability of Maria’s and fill out our convenient contact form below. If you have any additional questions regarding Maria’s, you may call Twin Palms at 787-685-6648 (español: 787-449-3673). Thank you for planning your yoga retreat in Puerto Rico with Maria’s!