When Puerto Rico is Ready, We’re Ready

As everyone is unfortunately aware, travel to and from Puerto Rico has been difficult, and at times impossible, this summer due to COVID-19 and its repercussions. If you’ve ever stayed with us, you know that we never provide our guests with just the bare minimum. The same goes for the level of safety measures our government has asked us to provide. While tourism from outside the island has been limited, we’ve used the downtime to bolster our health and safety standards for all our guests.

We are pleased to announce that we received certification that we’re in complete compliance with the health and safety measures set forth by the Puerto Rican government and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. This means we are taking every necessary precaution to protect the health and safety of our employees, guests, and visitors. We always want your stay at Maria’s to be a luxurious escape from everyday stresses; as such, we can assure you that our villa not only offers every possible comfort but also keeps your wellbeing at the forefront.

When our island reopens, we will be ready for our guests with accommodations they can trust.

As we said earlier, predicting when we will be able to offer our luxury villa to our customers again has been complicated. Because of COVID-19, some states have sanctioned travel to Puerto Rico. Our governor has strictly curtailed travel to, from, and within our island for the same reasons. That’s why it has been so important to us to ensure Maria’s is in complete compliance with government and tourism standards. We always want guests, both from the island and abroad, to feel comfortable and experience the excellence that distinguishes Puerto Rico from other destinations.

To achieve certification, many compliances needed to be either validated, improved, or put into place. A few of the health and safety enhancements required by the government included (but were not limited to):

  • Hand sanitization stations
  • Handwashing protocols
  • Appropriate health & safety signage
  • Enhanced cleaning & disinfecting protocols
  • Physical distancing & PPE instruction
  • Wellness checkpoints
  • Contact tracing measures

For a complete overview of the guidelines necessary for certification, you may view the PDF by clicking here.

While you wait for Puerto Rico’s reopening, why not plan a stay with us?

To stay up-to-date on traveling to, from, and within Puerto Rico, please click here for regularly updated COVID-19 information. And while you wait, learn more about beautiful Rincón and the surrounding area by browsing our website. You’ll find a complete news section that provides information about local attractions, traditions, dining, activities, and more. Plus, you’ll learn about Maria’s, and the luxury getaway we offer our visitors. When you’re ready to stay with us, booking is done through Twin Palms, Maria’s rental and onsite management. Please visit our booking page on this website to view the availability of Maria’s and fill out our convenient contact form. If you have any additional questions regarding Maria’s, you may call Elizabeth at 787-685-6648 (español: Cristina at 787-449-3673).