Celebrating Easter in Puerto Rico – What You Can Expect

One of the reasons many people love to visit Puerto Rico is because the island is steeped in history and tradition. With a largely Roman Catholic population, Christian holidays like Christmas, feast days, and Easter, or Domingo de la Resurrección, are widely celebrated in grand fashion. For many Puerto Ricans, Easter is, in fact, the biggest holiday of the year. If you plan on visiting our island during the Easter holiday, you might be wondering what you can expect. The travel blog Gen-X Gypsies gives a first-hand look at what the holy day is like in Puerto Rico.

According to the blog, aside from being one of the main holy days of the year, Easter also kicks of the beach season in Puerto Rico. For those living someplace other than a tropical paradise, every day in Puerto Rico might seem like beach season, but for those living on the island, the beginning of spring means a return of weather that they consider beach-worthy. Many use the Easter season to mark the beginning of their typically every weekend sojourns to their local beaches.

Like many religious holidays in Puerto Rico, Easter isn’t just one day of celebration. The entire Holy Week leading up to Easter is typically celebrated. Good Friday finds most businesses on the island closed, and people use the day off as an opportunity to kick off beach season. Families arrive at the beach to cook out and enjoy fun in the sun, and those who enjoy water sports use Good Friday as a time to break out the surfboard, paddleboard and kayak. Local churches frequently hold processionals on Good Friday, sometimes including reenactments of the Crucifixion.

The beach merriment generally continues into the night on Friday, and carries over most of the day Saturday. Then, on Easter Sunday, most of the islanders attend mass at their local churches, replete with music and pageantry. After mass, many people return to the beach for more festivity, while some enjoy a traditional Easter meal. Dishes like arroz y habichuelas (rice and beans), bacalao a la vizcaina (codfish stew), mofongo (mashed plantains) and flan de coco (coconut flan) are often served.

Traveling to Puerto Rico during the Easter holiday can be a wonderful experience, and most people find it culturally enriching and rewarding. So why not make your next trip to the tropics on Easter Weekend? We think you’ll be glad you did. And, if you choose to visit Puerto Rico during the spring holiday, consider staying with us at Maria’s. We’re a luxury villa located right on Maria’s Beach in Rincón, Puerto Rico. When you stay with us, you’ll not only enjoy beautiful ocean scenery and a gorgeously appointed home-like atmosphere, you’ll also have access to countless amenities.

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