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It’s the Beans! Give Puerto Rican Coffee a Try.

When you think of where your coffee comes from, you probably envision places like Mexico, Colombia or even maybe Hawaii. But did you know that Puerto Rico is also a large coffee-growing area? The National Coffee Association, or NCA, shares some interesting information on Puerto Rican bean, and how it’s making a comeback. According to…

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Wouldn’t You Like to Get Away… To Maria’s?

If you live in the Northeast, then you can easily attest to the fact that this winter has been cold, snowy and grey. Unless you’re a die-hard winter fan, chances are you’ve found yourself longing for sun, sand, and ocean breezes. If that sounds great to you, then you should know Maria’s is up and…

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Considering a Puerto Rican Christmas Vacation? You’ll Enjoy These Holiday Traditions.

If you’ve been thinking of a Puerto Rican getaway this Christmas, you’ll be interested in the myriad holiday traditions on the island. Visiting Puerto Rico during the holiday season can be an exciting adventure, especially when you know what the archipelago has to offer. We’re sharing some of Puerto Rico’s long-standing traditions and events as…

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